Virtual Recipients

Virtual Recipients are recipients that are not directly mapped to recipient mailboxes. For example, if you have an Internal Recipient joe@domain.tld but you also want the email address joe.smoe@domain.tld to deliver email to joe@domain.tld, you would set up a virtual address of joe.smoe@domain.tld to deliver to joe@domain.tld. Please note, Virtual Recipients are not only limited to Hermes SEG Internal Recipients. You can also create a Virtual Recipient to deliver email to an outside email address not handled by Hermes SEG. In the above example, we can easily setup joe.smoe@domain.tld to deliver to

Note: Any email destined for a virtual recipient are NOT processed by the Bayes Spam Filter. In other words, email will not be checked for spam.

Create Virtual Recipient

  1. Click on theimage-1609595812414.pngicon.
  2. On the Create Virtual Recipient page, under the Virtual field, enter the virtual address you wish to create without the domain part.
  3. Under the Domain drop-down field, select the domain you wish to associate the virtual email address with.
  4. Under the Delivers to field, enter the email address of an existing internal or external recipient.
  5. Click the Create button (Figure 1).

Figure 1


  1. You will be automatically redirected back to the Virtual Recipients page with your new Virtual Recipient added to the list (Figure 2).

Figure 2


Delete Virtual Recipient

Note: When deleting a Virtual Recipient, the system does NOT prompt you for a confirmation. Clicking the delete icon will IMMEDIATELY delete the virtual recipient.

  1. Click on the image-1609595846390.pngicon under the Delete column of the Virtual Recipient you wish to delete.