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PGP Key Servers

PGP Key Servers section allows you to add/delete public PGP Key Servers to Hermes SEG in order to be able to publish Internal and External Recipient Public PGP Keys to those servers. Hermes SEG by default includes the following public PGP Key Servers:

  • --> OpenPGP SKS Key Server High Availability
  • --> Ubuntu SKS OpenPGP Public Key Server

Add PGP Key Server

  1. Under the Key Server field, enter the Key Server address. Ensure you do NOT include http:// or https:// or any port numbers.
  2. Under the Note field, enter a description for this key server.
  3. Click the Add button (Figure 1)

Figure 1


  1. The server will be added and it will appear under the Delete PGP Key Server(s) section below (Figure 2)

Figure 2


Delete PGP Key Server

  1. Under the Delete PGP Key Server(s) section, select the Key Server entry you wish to delete (only one entry at a time can be selected) and click the Delete button (Figure 3).

Figure 3


  1. The Key Server you selected will be immediately deleted and removed from the Delete PGP Key Server(s) section.