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System Update

NOTE: This feature is only available with Hermes SEG Pro License.

System Update allows you to check, download and install Hermes SEG Updates.

Hermes SEG updates should not be confused with Hermes SEG OS updates.

Hermes SEG updates are installed in order of release, in other words, System Update will not allow you to skip updates. If your system is behind more than one update, each update will have to be downloaded and installed individually.

NOTE: Hermes SEG requires outbound TCP/80 and TCP/443 access to our update servers in order to check and download updates.

Check for Hermes SEG Updates

  1. In the System Updates screen click on the Check for Updates button (Figure 1)

Figure 1


  1. If an update is found, it will be displayed on the page along with the update Build No, the date the update was released, the release notes for that update and a button to download the update (Figure 2)


Figure 2


Download and Install Hermes SEG Update

NOTE: Ensure you have a proper backup BEFORE installing any updates.

  1. Once an update has been found, click on the Download Update button (Figure 3)

Figure 3


  1. Hermes SEG will download the update and once downloaded, the button will change to Install Update (Figure 4)

Figure 4


  1. Click on the Install Update button and wait for Hermes SEG to install the update. If the update get installed succesfully, you will get the following message (Figure 5)

Figure 5


  1. Reboot Hermes SEG in order for the changes to take effect by navigating to System --> System Reboot & Shutdown and clicking the (Figure 6).

Figure 6


  1. Once the Hermes SEG has finished rebooting, repeat the steps in the Check for Hermes SEG Updates section and if updates are found, repeat the steps in the Download and Install Hermes SEG Update section until there are no more updates.