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How to Create a Not Spam Report Button in Outlook


When you receive an e-mail that you believe should not had been marked as [SUSPECTED SPAM], you can typically forward that e-mail as an attachment to our team to This usually involves selecting the e-mail in question, clicking on More in the Respond Outlook ribbon toolbar, selecting Forward as Attachment (Figure 1) filling out the To field with and clicking Send (Figure 2).

Figure 1


Figure 2


While this is not very time consuming, you can simplify this process by creating a NOT SPAM button in Outlook to speed up the process.

Create a Not Spam Report Button

In the Outlook Quick Steps ribbon toolbar, click on Create New (Figure 3).

Figure 3


In the Edit Quick Step window, set the following:

Set the Name: field to NOT SPAM - DEEZTEK (Figure 4).

Figure 4


Click the Choose an Action drop-down and select Forward message as an attachment (Figure 5).

Figure 5


In the To... field enter (Figure 6).

Figure 6



Click on Show Options, in the Subject: field enter [REPORT HAM]: <subject> and check the Automatically send after 1 minute delay checkbox (Figure 7).

Figure 7


Finally, click the Finish button (Figure 8).

Figure 8


The button you just created will be visible in the Quick Steps ribbon toolbar in your Outlook window (Figure 10)

Figure 10