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How to create a rule to move [SUSPECTED SPAM] messages to Junk Folder

  • Login to your webmail and click the image-1617225753967.png icon on the top left (Figure 1):

Figure 1


  • Next, click on Mail --> Filters --> and then click on CREATE FILTER (Figure 2):

Figure 2


  • In filter window, set the Filter name to Move [SUSPECTED SPAM To Junk folder and click the image-1629817047889.png icon next to Add a condition (Figure 3):

Figure 3


  • Ensure you set the rule to Subject --> contains and set the value to [SUSPECTED SPAM] (Figure 4):

Figure 4


  • Next, click on the image-1629817047889.png icon next to Add an action (Figure 5):

Figure 5


  • Under the Perform these actions section, set the action drop-down to File the message in and the Mailbox drop-down to Junk and click the OK button (Figure 6):

Figure 6


  • Back in the FILTERS section, ensure you click on the image-1629818135865.png icon to save the filter (Figure 7): 

Figure 7