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System Settings

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide System

The Postmaster E-mail Address MUST BE on a domain that the system currently delivers email for and the Admin E-mail Address SHOULD BE an email address for a domain that Hermes SEG does NOT deliver email for. Even though the system will allow you to enter an ...

System Status

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide System

System Status displays the following information: Version Build Edition Uptime System IP License Status (Hermes SEG Pro Only) If system needs to be rebooted to install OS Updates If there is a Hermes SEG Update (Hermes SEG Pro Only) CPU Utilization ...

Mail Queue

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide System

In this page, you can adjust the the Bounce and Max Queue Lifetime settings, Flush Mail Queue, View Messages, Requeue Messages, Hold Message, Delete Messages and Search Messages.  Normally, the Mail Queue should be empty, since the SMTP server should deliver ...

System Logs

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide System

System Logs allows you to set the Log Retention period, fetch system logs by date range/time and search.  Log Retention By default Hermes SEG stores logs up to 30 days before automatically purging older entries. This setting can be adjusted by selecting 30 D...

System Backup

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide System

In this section will be able to configure one or more scheduled backup jobs for your Hermes SEG. Backups jobs can be configured to include the system configuration as well as the stored email archive. However, including the stored email archive in a backup job...

Message History

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide Content Checks

Hermes SEG keeps a log and a copy of each email message it sends and receives for archiving purposes. The number of log entries and actual messages the system keeps depends on the amount of storage space available on the system. The system automatically st...

System Restore

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide System

The System Restore section will allow you to select a System Backup file from a CIFS (Windows Share) and restore your system configuration and the email archive (if backup file includes email archive).  Important: Before starting a System Restore, ensure that...

Email Archive

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide System

In this section will be able to configure a scheduled archive jobs for your Hermes SEG. An Email Archive Job will create a separate email archive on external storage by creating a directory named /mnt on that share, copying all the emails stored on the applia...

System Update

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide System

NOTE: This feature is only available with Hermes SEG Pro License. System Update allows you to check, download and install Hermes SEG Updates. Hermes SEG updates should not be confused with Hermes SEG OS updates. Hermes SEG updates are installed in order of ...

System Reboot & Shutdown

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide System

Reboot System Click on the Reboot System button and wait for the system to finish the reboot process (Figure 1). Figure 1 Shutdown System Click on the Shutdown System button. Please note that manual intervention will be required in order to turn th...

SMTP TLS Settings

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide Gateway

It's important to set SMTP TLS in order to transmit e-mail messages between your Hermes SEG machine and other e-mail servers with TLS encryption. By default, SMTP TLS support in Hermes SEG is disabled. In this section you can enable Hermes SEG TLS support as ...

Relay Host

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide Gateway

Normally, Hermes SEG delivers email directly to remote SMTP hosts over the Internet. Sometimes, this configuration may not work for certain scenarios. For example, your ISP may not allow outbound SMTP over port TCP/25. In those scenarios it is necessary to co...

Relay Domains

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide Gateway

In order for Hermes SEG to deliver email, you must first set the domain(s) that Hermes SEG will process email for along with their corresponding email server(s). You can add as many domains and email servers as required. An email server can be configured as an...

Relay IPs & Networks

Hermes SEG Administrator Guide Gateway

In this section, you can add which individual IPs or networks will be allowed to send (relay) email through Hermes SEG. Best security practice is to never allow entire networks to send email through Hermes SEG and instead only allow specific IPs. Add Relay I...

Commandbox Install in Windows


Download CommandBox from Extract downloaded zip to directory of your choice (Ex: c:\commandbox) Ensure you have Java installed (Amazon Coretto at

Commandbox Commands


Install Coldbox MVC and Deploy App box mkdir /opt/hermes/webapps/Coldbox-Hermes cd /opt/hermes/webapps/Coldbox-Hermes box install coldbox box coldbox create app HermesSEG Start Server Arguments: Numeric port (port number) String host (bind to a host/ip)...

How to Create VMFS Datastore on Vmware OS bootdrive


Normally a vmfs partition is already created by ESXi on the boot drive. You can verify by going logging into the ESX Web GUI and navigating to Storage --> Devices --> Boot disk (Figure 1). Figure 1 Clicking on the drive will show the Partition diagram of t...

HTTP Redirect Using Traefik Reverse Proxy


Enter the following code in the data/traefik_conf.yaml: http: routers: svcname: entryPoints: - "http" rule: "Host(`host.domain.tld`)" middlewares: - "svcname-https-redirect" service: svcname svcna...

Sync Time from External Time Source

Active Directory

By default, all machines in the domain will sync time from the domain controller which is the internal time server - if you have more than one DC then time will sync from the DC that holds the PDC emulator FSMO role. To check which DC is PDC emulator in your d...

Deluge Auto Extract Torrents Settings

Cord Cutting

Create a Deluge directory structure as follows: deluge --> incoming (for in-progress downloads) --> complete (for completed downloads) --> torrent (for manual torrents) Under Deluge --> Preferences --> Downloads --> Download to set it to your "incom...