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Commandbox Install in Windows

  1. Download CommandBox from

  2. Extract downloaded zip to directory of your choice (Ex: c:\commandbox)

  3. Ensure you have Java installed (Amazon Coretto at works well)

  4. Right-click on Start Menu --> Click on "System", under "Find a settings" search box search for "Advanced System" and then click on "View Advanced System Settings" result. Click on the "Environment Variables" button, under "System Variables" locate and select "Path" and click on "Edit". Click "New" and enter an entry pointing to "c:\commandbox" or whatever directory you extracted commandbox from Step 2 above.

  5. Open an Administrator command prompt and enter "box" to initialize CommandBox.

  6. Next to navigate to c:\users\username\.CommandBox and create a file with the following content (Assuming c:\commandbox is the directory you extracted CommandBox in Step 2 above. And YES the double slash in c:\\commandbox is NOT a typo):