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Manually Adopt Ubiquity Access Point

  • SSH to the Access point and login with the default credentials of ubnt/ubnt.
  • Type the following command where is the IP of your Unifi controller:
  • Login to the Unifi controller and navigate to Unifi Devices.
  • Locate the access point and click Adopt.

Unifi SSH Commands

We are going to start with the most commonly used Unifi SSH Commands, later on, I will organize them by device or function.

Command Example Function
info info Displays device information
set-default set-default Factory reset device
set-inform set-inform Set URL of the controller for adoption. More info
upgrade upgrade https://<firmware-url>.bin Upgrade firmware – More info
fwupdate fwupdate --url https://<firmware-url>.bin Update firmware
reboot reboot Reboot the device
poweroff poweroff Shutdown device
uptime uptime Shows device uptime

The following Unifi SSh Commands can really help you with finding network-related issues with your Unifi Device.

Command Example Function
ifconfig ifconfig Show network interface information
ip address add ip address add dev br0 Set static IP Address
ip route ip route Display current gateway
ip router add ip route add default via Set default gateway

echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf Set DNS Server
ping ping Check network connection to device
arp arp -a Show arp table
ip neigh ip neigh Show IPv6 neighbors

Unifi OS SSH Commands

When you connect to your UDM Pro (or another controller that is running Unifi OS), then you will have a couple of other options:

Command Example Function
ubnt-systool help ubnt-systool help Show all commands
ubnt-systool cputemp ubnt-systool cputemp Show CPU Temp
ubnt-systool cpuload ubnt-systool cpuload Show CPU load
ubnt-systool portstatus ubnt-systool portstatus Show port status
ubnt-systool hostname ubnt-systool hostname <newname> Set new hostname
ubnt-systool reboot ubnt-systool reboot Reboot device
ubnt-systool poweroff ubnt-systool poweroff Shutdown device
ubnt-systool reset2defaults ubnt-systool reset2defaults Factory reset device
ubnt-device-info summary ubnt-device-info summary Show system information
ubnt-tools ubnt-discover ubnt-tools ubnt-discover Show Unifi devices in the network
cat /mnt/data/udapi-config/ cat /mnt/data/udapi-config/ Show DHCP Leases
cat /mnt/data/udapi-config/unifi cat /mnt/data/udapi-config/unifi Show configuration
/etc/init.d/S95unifios restart /etc/init.d/S95unifios restart Restart Unifi OS Web interface

Unifi Log files

There are a lot of log files that you can access to help you debug any Unifi related problem:

Command Function
cat /var/log/messages Output the error log
tail -f /var/log/messages Monitor log file
cat /mnt/data/unifi-os/unifi-core/config/settings.yaml Server settings
cat /mnt/data/unifi-os/unifi-core/logs/discovery.log Discovery log
cat /mnt/data/unifi-os/unifi-core/logs/system.log System log
cat /mnt/data/unifi-os/unifi/logs/server.log Server log
cat /mnt/data/unifi-os/unifi-core/logs/errors.log Http errors