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Reset Lost/Forgotten Hermes SEG Admin Password

On a SSH/Command prompt enter the following command:

mysql -u root -p

At the Enter password prompt enter the MySQL root password you set during initial setup.

On the MariaDB [(none)]> prompt enter the following:

use hermes;

You will get the following output:

Reading table information for completion of table and column names
You can turn off this feature to get a quicker startup with -A

Database changed

On the MariaDB [hermes]> prompt enter the following:

update `system_users` set password = 'AJVm@ECdx7*nByXuWr$jM5siHQLqe$9A2F7CBDF2575E1A2209671B495CC394BE226E095CEDFE8B959330D3C900A69F6506492372E274B7AC4F4B31538A1378540616CB22BEABB0042E39DDE7AE1E19' where username = 'admin';

the admin password should not be set to the default ChangeMe2!

At the MariaDB [hermes]> prompt enter the following:


You should be back to a SSH/Command prompt. You may proceed to login to the Hermes SEG Admin GUI using the following default credentials:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: ChangeMe2!