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Admin Console Firewall

This feature is only available with Hermes SEG Pro License.

The AdministrationAdmin Console Firewall allows you to specify IP Address(es) that will be allowed access to the the AdministrationHermes Admin Console (/admin/  independendentand ofthe the Ciphermail Admin Console (/ciphermail/). The Firewall does NOT affect the User Self-ServiceConsole Portal(/users/). By default, all IP Addresses are allowed access to the AdministrationAdmin Console as well as the User Self-Service Portal.

The Administration Console is reachable through https://<ipaddress>:9080/admin/ where the User Self-Service Portal is reachable through https://<ipaddress>:9080/users/ where <ipaddress> isand the IPCiphermail addressAdmin or the hostname of your Hermes SEG. By enabling the Administration Console Firewall, you will be restricting access ONLY to the https://<ipaddress>:9080/admin/ address.consoles.

For best security, it's recommended that you enable the Administration Console Firewall to restrict access only to specified IP addresses.

Note: In order to prevent a lockout of the Administration Console, the system will not allow you to enable the Administration Console Firewall unless the IP address that you are accessing the the Administration Console from is in the list of Allowed IP Addresses. Additionally, it will not allow you to Delete the IP address you are accessing the Administration Console from from the list of Allowed IP Addresses.

    • Before the system will allow you to enable the firewall, you must first enteradd the IP Address that you are accessing the AdministrationAdmin Console from, which can be found on the top right corner of the pageby nexthovering toover the Your IP Address is sectionimage-1643039940957.pngicon (Figure 1):

Figure 1



    • EnterClick on the Add IP Address button and in the resultant window enter your IP Addressaddress and set the underAllow to Hermes Admin and optionally Allow to Ciphermail Admin drop-downs to YES, enter a note in the IP AddressNote tofield befor allowed sectionyour own use and then click the Add IPSubmit button (Figure 2).:

Figure 2


    • Repeat forthe procedure to add any additional IPs as many IP addresses as required.necessary.
    • As you add each IP address, they will show up under the Allowed IP Addresses section (Figure 3):

Figure 3


    • Once you are finished adding IP address(es), onset the top of the page, under the Firewall Status section, selectdrop-down the to Enabled Enabledoption and click the the SaveSubmit Settings button (Figure 4).:

Figure 4


Click the Apply Settings button to apply the changes to the firewall (Figure 5):

Figure 5


    • Test your firewall by attempting to access the AdministrationAdmin Console at https://<ipaddress>:9080//admin/ (where <ipaddress> is the IP address or the hostname of your Hermes SEG)SEG from an IP Address that you did NOT allow in AdministrationAdmin Console Firewall. You should a You403 are not authorized to access this systemForbidden message (Figure 5)

Figure 5