System Settings

The Postmaster E-mail Address MUST BE on a domain that the system currently delivers email for and the Admin E-mail Address SHOULD BE an email address for a domain that Hermes SEG does NOT deliver email for. Even though the system will allow you to enter an Admin E-mail Address for a domain that Hermes SEG deliver email for, it's not recommended. The Admin E-mail Address should be an external to the system e-mail address.

The system will automatically create virtual addresses for postmaster, abuse and root based on the Postmaster E-mail Address you set. For example, if your Postmaster E-mail Address is postmaster@domain.tld and your Admin E-mail Address is someone@otherdomain.tld, the system will automatically create the following virtual address:

The system will also create the following two virtual addresses and related mappings based on the postmaster e-mail address domain part:

The virtual address the system creates can be viewed under Gateway ---> Virtual Recipients.

Adding a Serial Number is not required. However, if you are going to add a Serial Number, ensure Hermes SEG has access to the Internet over ports TCP/80 and TCP/443. Serial Numbers are validated over the Internet with our activation service).

If you have a Serial Number, click the Add Serial Number button and in the resultant window enter it in the Serial Number field, check the license convert checkbox and click the Submit button (Figure 1).

Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3



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