AD Integration

NOTE: This feature is only available with Hermes SEG Pro License.

Hermes SEG requires a listing of Internal Recipients in order to process incoming email and deliver that email to the correct recipient mailboxes which are located on an email server(s) which are specified under the Gateway --> Relay Domains part of the system.

Hermes SEG allows you to connect to Active Directory in order to automatically import the SMTP email addresses of your Active Directory users without having to manually input each one. The system will create Internal Recipients from each SMTP address it imports automatically. The import process can also be set to run at a scheduled interval so user additions or deletions will automatically be handled by Hermes SEG without manual intervention.

In order to import Internal Recipients via Acive Directory you must first create an AD connection. In order to create an AD connection, you must first  validate the connection and once succesful, you will be able to save the connection.

Add AD Connection

  1. Under the Connection Mode section, you will notice that ONLY the Validate Connection is enabled and selected. The Save Connection option is not available because the connection has not been validated yet
  2. Under the Connection Name field, enter a descriptive name for the connection
  3. Under the Domain Controller field, enter the IP or the FQDN of a domain controller or simply enter the FQDN of your domain so you don't bind the connection to just one domain controller.
  4. Under the Distinguished Name field, enter the DN of the recipients locations, or you can simply enter the DN of the entire domain. For example, if your domain is east.domain.tld, your DN should be DC=east, DC=domain, DC=tld. Ask your Administrator if you have any questions
  5. Under the Netbios Domain Name enter your domain Netbios name. For example, if your domain is east.domain.tld, your netbios domain could simply be DOMAIN. Ask your Administrator if you have any questions
  6. Under the Username field enter a username that has access to enumerating user objects in your domain
  7. Under the Password field, enter the password for the username from Step 7
  8. If you wish to schedule the automatic import of Internal Recipients on a specified interval, ensure you check the Schedule SMTP Address Import checkbox and select the interval form the drop-down box and click the Submit button (Figure 1)

Figure 1


  1. If the AD connection validation is succesful, the system will then enable the Save Connection option under the Connection Mode section. If not, please check the provided information and try again.
  2. Once the Save Connection option is enabled under the Connection Mode section, select it and then click the Submit button again to save the connection (Figure 2)

Figure 2


  1. The connection you just added will now show up under the Delete Existing AD/LDAP Connection(s) section. You can add as many LDAP connections as required (Figure 3)

Figure 3


  1. You can now wait for the next scheduled interval for Hermes SEG to automatically import and create Internal Recipients, or you can follow the instructions on Gateway --> Internal Recipients section of the Hermes SEG Administrator Guide to import Internal Recipients through your newly created AD Connection.

Delete AD Connection

Deleting an AD Connection will NOT remove any Internal Recipients you may have imported using that connection.

  1. Click on the red X  under the Delete column of the AD Connection you with to delete.
  2. In the Confirmation Window, click the Yes button to delete the connection (Figure 4). Clicking No, will take you back to the AD Integration page.

Figure 4